Welcome to the French Broad Outpost Ranch

A dude ranch vacation where you get to do things together like a family.

Current Availability for summer listed below with specific discounts that apply as of 4-30-2023:

All discounts listed below end May 27th

May 29-June 3 has space-30% off half or full week
June 4-10 week is totally full
June 11-14 has space for 2 people-25% off
June 18-21 has space for 2 people-15% off
June 25-July 1 has space for up to 10 guests-30% off
July 2-5 is totally full
July 5-8 has space for 18 people-25% off-
still has 14 spots left
July 9-12 has space for 13 guests-35% off-still has 10 spots left
July 12-15 has space for 4 guests-35% off-booked
July 16-19 has space for 14 guests-15% off
July 19-22 has space for 10 guests-20% off
July 23-26 has space for 12 guests-15% off
July 26-29 is totally full


August still has space in every week.



Need a half week stay? Use this Inflation beater for Summer -BUY now for 2023 and get 10% off for a limited time-50% deposit required-GOES OFF SALE May 15th

Fall Special-stay at least 3 nights and get 10% off with regular deposit of 30%

Overnight Cattle Drives-Spring Drives starting March-see details on rates page under special weeks-May 19-21 is ready to go

Stand alone fully furnished Log Cabin available on accommodations page.

A Little About French Broad Outpost Ranch

Come on in and sit a spell. We have the perfect Dude Ranch vacation just waiting on you and your family. You will get to leave the world behind and finally take some time for yourself. Not only are we kids friendly, we are Family Friendly! You and your family are going to re-connect like never before as you learn to ride horses together, including how to groom and saddle, help steer a whitewater raft down the river, shine up your new boots for an old fashioned square dance, drive cattle just like City Slickers and chase cows in team penning just like an old Cowboy. There lot's of other stuff too, but the main thing is that there aren't many places like this where families regain that bond they have always wanted and needed. So relax and come on down and make yourself at home!


‌The Best Dude Ranch Vacation in Tennessee with Family

If you are looking for the best Tennessee vacations for families, there is nothing more exciting than a Dude Ranch vacation. Experiencing the slow-paced life on a horseback, eating on a Mountain Top and doing everything like a Cowboy will make your family vacation memorable. French Broad Outpost Ranch offers the best ranch experience in Tennessee. If you're visiting Nashville we are just 4 hours away for a family vacation. Make this summer all about horseback riding, cattle drives and campfire stories at our Dude Ranch.

French Broad Outpost Ranch is the best Dude Ranch in Tennessee for a memorable Tennessee vacations for families. We offer a very relaxing and enjoyable vacation for families in our own beautiful dude ranch.


Dude Ranch in Tennessee

Our Dude Ranch vacation includes various exciting activities that doesn’t involve phones or any electronics. It is a complete family vacation where you will be learning horseback riding, grooming and saddling, and driving the cattle. Located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, our Dude Ranch offers great views, something that you will see every day of your stay. From fishing to pioneer games to square dancing, you will have complete fun filled vacation here. Our ranch is surrounded by nature and is completely authentic – nothing is artificial.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy while you are here:

  • Nature walks for kids and adults
  • Hiking and mountain climbing
  • Fishing, swimming, tubing and rafting
  • Square dancing
  • Horseback riding
  • Cattle Drives
  • Learning about cowboy life

You will have wholesome fun in one of the best ranches in Tennessee. Our family vacation is perfect for all families with young kids too. We are within 5 hours of Nashville, Charlotte and Atlanta. Kids will have plenty opportunities for fun learning with horseback riding as well as learning the art of grooming and more.

Comfort and Safety

Our food and lodging facilities are top-notch. You will enjoy 3 great home cooked meals in in the dining room after staying in one of the lodge rooms that have been designed to provide comfortable living. We ensure complete safety for our guests so you can relax and have fun. It is a great opportunity for the kids to learn the various ways of life. Away from technology, pollution and hustle-bustle of the city, our Dude Ranch in Tennessee offers a chance for families to bond and enjoy their vacation together.

It is a relaxing experience even though you will be busy doing all sorts of activities here. There is no hurry. Take your time and enjoy a home environment away from home with us.

Call us to book your vacation now - 1-800-995-7678

We invite you to the Smoky Mountains, the oldest Mountains in the world. The flora is beyond description and the views from our trails are second to none. Sometimes you can see deer and bear on the trail rides although it won't happen everytime. Our ranch is surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest on 3 sides and on our fourth side the magnificent French Broad River, hence where the name of ranch comes from. We are within 5 hours drive time of Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Huntsville, Lexington and Cincinnati. You can fly out West to visit a Dude Ranch or you can drive here in one day. We are an authentic Dude Ranch that just happens to be in your own backyard!

Take An Adventure

Discover the many adventures that await you at French Broad Outpost Ranch------- Some activities are season related-check Adventures page

Supper Ride
Supper Ride
Team Penning
Team Penning
Cattle Drive
Cattle Drive
Trail Ride
Trail Ride
White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting
Kids Rodeo
Kids Rodeo
Square Dancing
Square Dancing
Horse Painting
Horse Painting
Pioneer Games
Pioneer Games
French Broad Dude Ranch

Our Lone Star Hotel is a fine example of the timber frame buildings of the 19th century. It has 7 rooms and each one has its own bathroom and can sleep a total of 21 guests. You will feel as though you just walked into a John Wayne Movie Set!

Dude Ranch Lodging & Dining

At our Ranch, eating good food comes naturally. We serve most of our meals family style, which means all the food comes out to the tables at the same time. Passing the plates of great food is part of the ambiance. You wont go hungry that's for sure!