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Riding Clinics


Learn How to Balance in 60 minutes!

I, guarantee, you will be in balance before your lessons are over or you get to come to the next clinic FREE!

This is probably the only lesson you will ever need to feel confident and balanced in the saddle.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to ride, or if you ride and have never felt that comfortable because of a lack of balance and you’re using the horn or the stirrups for balance support, then I invite you to come to one of our riding clinics. For most of our participants, a 60-minute classroom education of what is happening to you and how to correct it will get you in TRUE balance and you'll be riding like a champ in just about 5 minutes once we get back on the horse. For a few of you, it might take a few hours especially if you have had a bad accident or have ridden poorly for years, but it will be faster and safer than any other riding methodology that is available. Even if you have ridden for years and you believe you're pretty good, you can still obtain a better balance using our system. One of the other benefits, your knees won't hurt after your ride!

Clinics Dates in 2024

March 15-17 or May 17-19 or September 27-29

The clinics are followed by an advanced riders half-week if you want to stay longer and really hone your newly learned skills with more trotting and cantering-If you do the clinic ($599 +tax) you can stay another 5 nights for only $1500.00 (plus tax) more for the Advance Riders Week (extra 5 nights). This is all inclusive with meals, lodging, horseback riding and entertainment.

Cost for clinics:

$599.00 each which includes instruction, lodging and meals for the weekend. Plus taxes

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 800-995-7678


$150.00 each if you are local with no lodging-you get lunch plus the clinic on Saturday

weight limit for clinic is 200 lbs.